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Craniofacial Reconstruction Thailand - Bangkok , Phuket , Koh Samui, Pattaya

Craniofacial consists of two words "Cranium" and "Facial", here cranium means upper portion of skull and facial is for face. Hence, Craniofacial Reconstruction is a method which involves many procedures that are needed to repair and reshape the skull and face of any living human being. Craniofacial reconstruction is also said to be orbital-craniofacial surgery; since "orbital" refers to the bony cavity which is present in the face that surrounds the eyeball.

Craniofacial Reconstruction is required in cases like:-
Birth defects and other deformities which includes:-
Apert syndrome
Cleft lip or palate
Crouzon's disease
Hypertelorism (abnormally wide space between the eyes)
Treacher-Collins syndrome
Deformities caused by surgery done to treat tumors
Injuries to the head, face, or jaw

To pursue this surgery the patient is given general anesthesia so that the patient fell asleep and doesn't feel the pain. During this surgery some facial bones may be cut or repositioned to give proper shape to face. The bone pieces if required may be taken from other body parts like ribs, skull etc to fill the vacant space created due to facial bone movement and bones may be bounded or supported by plates and screws of metal.

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